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Robert Singleton in his studio at his house atop a ridge in the West Virginia hills. | Douglas John Imbrogno photograph

Robert Singleton has led quite the artistic life, even if a look at his troubled upbringing would never have predicted the heights to which his work and reputation would rise. Free subscribe to this site and newsletter for updates on the 2023 release of “HOUSE IN THE CLOUDS: The Artistic Life of Robert Singleton.” The AmpMediaProject documentary will take a deep and colorful dive into the story of Robert’s life, including a portrait of the violent household in which he was raised in Williamsburg, Virginia; the closeted life he led as a young man and a rising artist; the devastating losses he suffered as HIV-AIDS and illness dispatched lovers and friend; his transition from revered abstract expressionist work to the evocative horizon lines and sky and cloud paintings; and much more. At age 85, he is creating work as vibrant and evocative as any he has done in his long creative life. His story is worth hearing.

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This site is devoted to the documentary "HOUSE IN THE CLOUDS: The Artistic Life of Robert Singleton," a production of AmpMediaProject.com profiling a remarkable American artist's life and times. Not all of them easy ones.


Writer, editor, video feature producer, sometimes poet, itinerant musician & cat herder, trying to keep his cigar lit. Substack publications include TheStoryIsTheThing, TheHartoftheMatter, ChangingClimateTimes and WestVirginiaVille (on sorta hiatus).